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UPC: 0112996980836

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Image Size: 20.5”x15.5”x6”

About this item

Showing off your favorite photo everywhere is simple with this Photo Tote Bag. By combining functionality and style, it can be carried with you for a day out on any occasion. It is perfectly sized to carry small accessories without weighing you down. It comes with shoulder straps that allow you to carry it on your shoulders easily and comfortably. Made from premium-quality material, this personalized photo tote offers a durable performance while ensuring it lasts over time. The canvas tote bag also makes an excellent gift for loved ones. The bag can be personalized with one photo measuring up to 8.5 square inches. Use it to showcase your most memorable moments and keep them close by. Carry your essentials in style with this fun bag.

Photo Tote Bag:

  • Personalize with up to one photo
  • Heavy-duty canvas photo tote comes with 1.5" wide woven shoulder straps and measures 20.5″×15.5″ inches x 6"
  • Image on photo canvas tote bag measures 8.5" square