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Art Deco

UPC: 0113000234249

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About this item

This Personalized Photo Calendar offers a great way to keep track of important appointments while enjoying pictures of your favorite people or places. You can customize the calendar with a special photo for each month of the year. The calendar can start on any month, making it practical as a gift or for your own personal use any time of the year. In the writeable space next to every date you can add special events and birthdays as well as tasks that need to be completed. For purposes of planning, this 11×5 custom photo calendar will help you keep those things of importance organized in a simple, efficient way. Its compact size enables it to fit almost anywhere. Place it in your home office, in the kitchen or even use it in kids’ rooms so everyone is aware of important dates throughout the year. This personalized calendar will make a wonderful gift for a grandparent or other family member when the kids’ photos are included. This is a practical and special calendar that anyone should

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