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Liquid Markup Data Reference

Using Liquid Markup

See Liquid Markup docs for more info.

Entry Points

Product Catalog

Products can be looked up via the Liquid::Drop API in lib/liquid_ext/drops - they are either looked up from a root products object by id or by product code:


  • products.id_1234 : product object with id 1234 (product object)
  • products.code_1234AZ : product object with code/UPC 1234AZ (product object)

Order (ie. current cart)


  • : order id (number)
  • order.made : order made security token (string)
  • order.selected_store : pickup location for items (store object)
  • order.line_items : list of items in cart (array of line item objects)

Object Reference

Product Objects

A Product object wraps a product defined in the MyLab. Product objects are obtained from products - e.g. products.id_12.title would return the title for the product where id=12.


  • .title : product title (string)
  • .description : product description (string, may contain HTML)
  • .default_image : image object (object, see filters)
  • .create_url : URL to create one of these (string)
  • .unit_price : Price for 1 (number, in cents/pence - ie. $1.50 is 150)
  • .min_price : Lowest unit price for this product - usually highest price break (number, in cents/pence - ie. $1.50 is 150)
  • .prices : prices (prices object)

Prices Objects

A Prices Object allows all the prices for a product to be accessed.


  • .for_one : price for a single item (price object)
  • .lowest : minimum unit price for product (price object)
  • .rollback : rollback defined on product (price object)
  • .rollbacks : all rollback prices defined on a product (array of price objects)
  • .has_rollback : indicates whether any rollbacks are defined (boolean)

Price Object

A price object represents a single price tier for a given price list.


  • .price_list_code : price list code, defined in mylab, associated with this price (string)
  • .copies : minimum number of copies this price applies to (number)
  • .was_price : was price, if this is a rollback (number)
  • .now_price : actual price (number)
  • .is_rollback : indicates whether this price is rolled back (boolean)

Store Object

A store object refers to a physical store / pickup location


  • .name : name of store (string)
  • .phone : phone number (string)
  • .street : street name (string)
  • .city : city name (string)
  • .state : state (string)
  • .zip_code : zip code (string)

Line Item Object

A line item object referes to a particular line in the cart.


  • .title : title of item (string)
  • .store : store selected for pickup (store object, or nil)
  • .copies : quantity (number)
  • .price : line price (number)
  • .delivery_option : selected delivery option (delivery option object)

Delivery Option Object

A delivery option is a type of shipping method.


  • .title : title (string)
  • .code : code from mylab (string)
  • .partner_id : alternate code (string)
  • .pickup : is a pickup in store option (boolean)

Using Liquid Markup

See Liquid Markup docs for more info.


Formats a number as a price


{{ 150 | price }}




Formats a product as its default image


{{ products.code_1234 | product_image: "img-fluid" }}


<img src="/about/asset/1234.jpg" alt="11oz Mug" class="img-fluid">

Using Liquid Markup

See Liquid Markup docs for more info.


Snippet stores the result of a block into a variable without rendering it inplace.


{% snippet heading %}
{% endsnippet %}
<h1>{% include heading %}</h1>

Snippet is useful for saving content for use later in your template, such as in a sidebar or footer.