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Content Workflow

JIRA Ticketing

The Content team use JIRA to track the work we carry out for you on a daily basis. We've created a workflow to track the various different tasks such as New Item Setup, Content Releases and Site Changes. Click show more for an explanation of the various ticket status we use along with steps for how you should respond to each where required.

Please be as specific as possible with requests, providing links and UPC (our search in MyLab was set to search UPC rather than ItemID or GTIN) as this helps action your request more efficiently.

If your request is for an urgent issue affecting the Production environment (for example a fulfiller not recieving order data) please follow the support procedure and email ICE and Urgent Walmart Support as there is an on call process to handle such issues which creating a ticket within the Content-WM Jira will not trigger. The majority of changes the Content team make to the site must usually be performed during the maintenance window or take a longer period of time to complete.

If you are having difficulty with a customers order please email Tech Support as they have the skills and access to helwp with customer orders.
Please do note though that if the fulfiller has not received the Bedrock portion there is nothing LiveLink can do as this needs to be pushed from the Walmart side.

If your request is for development work please raise it within the Walmart JIRA so that it can be prioritized alongside other development requests in co-operation with the Product team at LiveLink.

Issue Type

We have setup a number of different Issue Types to allow us to track the kind of requests we receive from you and to put in place automation so that other team members can be made aware of the request.

The Issue Types Are:

  • Rollback / Price Change / Disable Product - To be used when requesting Rollbacks/EDLP adjustments or Product Disabling due to fulfiller stock issues. Megan and is added automatically as watcher to these requests as the often make changes on the back of them. The Chat team and LiveLink tech support are also notified of updates with these tickets as they often have to field chats from customers when prices change or if items are unpublished as this can cause issues when transfering from cart to checkout. This ticket type is also moved into a priority swimlane in our Kanban board as it often requires actioning on a specific date. If these requests are not raised with this issue type they are less visible to the team. If the request if for rollbacks in a few days we will mark as blocked until you have entered the price changes, when the changes are entered we ask that you set the status to 'Ready To Set On Prod' as this will notify Chat team that there will shortly be a difference in pricing between site and CXO.
    If requesting an item or items be disabled please provide the UPC, Product Name and information about where on site this item has been merchandised to assist us in removing it from sale. It is also helpful to know if this is temporary or permanent so the chat team can inform customers.
  • Item Setup - To be used when requesting the templating and setup of a new product.
  • Content Release - To be used when requesting a Content Release or Cards release via Portal (for Content Release checking guidance see below).
  • Site Change - To be used when requesting a change to existing site configuration such as page title, category names, filter names, editable pages. Megan is automatically added as watcher on these requests as they will often need to adjust links following a number of these changes being made.
  • Template Error - To be used when something is wrong with a template or design that needs adjusting.
  • Graphic Request - To be used when you need the team to create an image for you.

Open (Owner LiveLink with Judy)

This is the default ticket status upon creation and this ticket will go into the backlog for prioritisation by the team in co-operation with the business managers. If no priority is given to us we'll assess and make our best judgement on priority in the backlog. When someone in the Content team has completed a task they'll aim to pick up the Open ticket from the top of the backlog so that the highest priority tickets are being taken first (while we make every effort to be as multi-skilled as possible sometimes the ticket at the top will require a certain type of skill so we would move on to the next ticket down).

This Status can be changed to:

  • In Progress - someone in the Content team has begun work on this task.
  • Blocked - there is something blocking progress, check the comments for details.
  • Cancelled - I no longer want to proceed with this task.

Placeholder/Paused (Owner Category Specialist/Ticket Creator)

This ticket has been created and marked as a placeholder by the Category Specialist and as there is no work the team can do its marked as placeholder and automatically grouped at the bottom of the backlog as its not possible to prioritise. This Status could also mean there isn't enough information to begin the task or that the Category Specialist has stated they don't want to work on the idea for a period so the ticket is moved here to avoid filling the BLOCKED status.

This Status can be changed to:

  • Open - there is now detail in the ticket and it is ready for prioritisation.
  • Blocked - there is something else blocking progress.
  • Cancelled - I no longer want to proceed with this request.

Blocked (Category Specialist if blocked WM, LiveLink if blocked at LiveLink)

This ticket progress is Blocked from moving forward either by a technical issue stopping the team (access to themepacks/site issue) or the Content team needing a response from the Category Specialist

This Status can be changed to:

  • Amendments/Unblocked - The Blocker has been removed and work can now continue.

In Progress (LiveLink)

This ticket is being worked on by a member of the team.

This Status can be changed to:

  • Blocked - Something is stopping progress. This could be lack of information/assets/or a technical issue. See comment in ticket for more detail.
  • Open - ticket was mistakenly set in progress so is moved back to Backlog
  • Awaiting Review - work is completed and on Staging or shown in ticket for Category specialist to check

Awaiting Review (Category Specialist)

The team have finished work and it is on Staging for Category Specialists to review before moving to production. The CS team at this point need to review the work and check it was carried out as they intended. Detail can be lost in the process of writing a ticket and we don't know necessarily know everything about the task if its not provided to us in the ticket. A good working example is a Content Release which was requested for Desk Art and carried out on High Gloss Desk Art however the intention was for this to be used on Desk Canvases. I've suggested ways to avoid wasted effort such as this elsewhere but the Awaiting Review stage is the best place to find out if something has been done incorrectly. It's more work to remove once on Production and can also affect customer orders.

This Status can be changed to:

  • Ready To Set - I'm happy with this please move to production.
  • Amendments - I'd like a few changes as specified in the comment

Ready To Set On Prod (LiveLink)

The work in this ticket is ready for setting up on Production and will be picked up as soon as possible during a maintenance window.

This Status can be changed to:

  • Setting On Production - we are working on it.

Setting On Production (LiveLink)

We are setting this up on Production

This Status can be changed to:

  • Blocked - Something stopped us setting up on production see comment for details.
  • Review On Production - Changes are ready to review

Review On Production (Category Specialist)

Changes moved to production and available to Category Specialist to review. Please note we will automatically move these to Done after a few days to tidy the board.

This Status can be changed to:

  • Done - I'm happy with the changes.
  • Amend/Ready To Set On Prod - I'd like an alteration.


This ticket has been completed

This Status can be changed to:

  • Open - A ticket can curently be re-opened for changes at a later date but the preferred action would be for you to raise a new ticket as this helps to better guage requirements. Comments or changes requested in a Done ticket are not easily visible to the team and can potentially be missed so please ensure to make a new ticket.

Content Release Checking Guidance

Content Releases involve designers supplying assets to Walmart on OneDrive then the team raising a ticket to pass the files on to LiveLink for processing.


We've found the most efficient way for us to process internally is to have a ticket per group of products for that set of designs. We've also found it better to have a ticket per designer when more than one design company have submitted designs as this avoids other designs being delayed when that company has errors in the designs. We'll of course clone the tickets once created but it is helpful to know if a specific product or set of designs is considered priority over others.

Files and Merch Sheet

We're likely best placed to check the elements inside the PSD but if the CS requesting the release is able to check the files in the merch sheet match the files names in the folder(s) (this will be much easier if designs are in one folder on OneDrive rather than spread among multiples) and also check that each PSD has a corresdonding jpg or png for usage in the preview rendering. I'm aiming to run through the next few CRs as they come in and work with the team to find a folder structure that allows the CS team and us to process quickly.

Design Errors

If we find errors with PSD files when we start processing we'll need the CS team to request updated designs. In the errors are found on Staging and some designs are OK we will normally look to clone the ticket for the errored designs to be tracked in and use the existing ticket for tracking the known good designs to production.

Which Product?

Please provide a link to the product(s) the release is intended for as there are a number of products with very similar names but different specifications. We've had occassions where a CR was requested for Desk Art and thus processed on High Gloss Desk Art but later found to be wanted for Desk Canvases. There are a number of categories where WM have requested more generic naming of products to assist in SEO so certain categories can look very similar, a link to the products is definite. It's also worth them only uploading products that we have on site for sale and removing ones we don't sell from the merch sheet.

Mega Menu Guidance

The Mega Menu is just below the search bar and allows linking to different pages, shelves and items. It can be used to display images as well as text and it's possible to enable or disable certain flags to highlight if a specific item is new, best seller or on rollback.

Search Modification Guidance

The search bar on photos allows customers to search based on product name and product descriptions but does not include the design/theme name or filtering in its results. There is a search modification feature allowing you enter custom destinations for specific search terms guiding customers where you want them to go.

Create New Modification

To create a new search modification.

  • Log in to MyLab.
  • Open Content > Search Modification
  • Click New
  • In the Query field enter the search term you wish to redirect when entered by a customer
  • In the Redirect field enter the link you'd like to forward the customer to. This should be a relative link so should not contain https://photos2.walmart.com and should begin with a forward slash /
  • Click Save
  • After a few minutes your search term should begin diverting to the desired page.

Update Modification

To update a search modification.

  • Log in to MyLab.
  • Open Content > Search Modification
  • Click Edit on the Search you wish to modify.
  • In the Query field enter the updated search term you wish to redirect when entered by a customer
  • In the Redirect field enter the updated link you'd like to forward the customer to. This should be a relative link so should not contain https://photos2.walmart.com and should begin with a forward slash /
  • Click Save
  • After a few minutes your search term should begin diverting to the desired page.

Delete Modification

To delete a search modification.

  • Log in to MyLab.
  • Open Content > Search Modification
  • Click Delete on the Search you wish to modify.
  • Click OK when the 'Are You Sure?' dialog box shows.
  • Click Save
  • After a few minutes your search term should begin diverting to the desired page.

Ops Testing Guidance

Ops testing is the process of checking an item has been setup in a manner the WM team are happy with customers using and that the order can be processed through to Checkout, picked up by the fulfiller, printed and sent to WM. The final product should match whats visible in the builder as closely as possible upon arrival.mo


Links for testing will br provided on the photos2 Staging environment and will take you throught to either a product page if its a single item, a grouped item page if there are multiple sizes/options or perhaps a shelf page containing the new items if there are many. You will need to have the LL_ACCESS cookie set in order for the links to work.

Incognito Mode

If you try using the links in incognito mode the browser will not apply the cookie so you will be re-directed to the photos3 Production environment. You can potentially work around this by editing the URL.

Replacing walmart.com in the link with livelink.io may allow you to view Staging in incognito mode.


Upon receiving the item from the fulfiller please let us know the result in the ticket. If you are happy with the output and process please let us know and move the Ticket status to 'Ready to Set on Production' if you notice anything incorrect or would like to enhance the experience ahead of production please set the Status to Amendments/Unblocked and let us know what changes or investigation is required in a comment on the ticket.


If you experience an error during the process of placing an ops test please do provide us with as much detail as possible about the error, this greatly helps us fixing the issue if its possible on the LiveLink side or potentially helping get you more information if the error is in WM systems.

For example giving us the full URL of the cart when trying to transfer to WM CXO allows us to look at the order response in MyLab and identify why CXO refused.

Safe Sync Logic

SafeSync is the process which runs on photos site when importing the catalog provided by Walmart. It aims to protect the site from accidental errors such as UPCs dropping off or prices being NULL


For each existing product check if the UPC can be found in catalog

  • if product UPC is found in csv then verify data is correct
  • if product UPC is NOT found in csv or found and UNPUBLISHED (this should be moved to Warnings rather than Errors) then notify via report


For each product with upc in feed check the price field can be found in csv

  • if price is a non-zero number import price and apply to product then update rollbacks table
  • if price is not a number or field is Null notify via report

For each product where price has been updated refresh item page and shelf page caches

Tiered Pricing

For each product with upc in feed check the PHOTO ORDER QUANTITY TIER, MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY and MAXIMUM ORDER QUANTITY fields in csv to see if prices are available for quantities of 1-9999

  • if tiered pricing contains prices to cover quantities of 1-9999 import new tier information
  • if tiered pricing contains gaps so does not have pricing to cover all quantities between 1-9999 do not import and notify via report
  • if PHOTO ORDER QUANTITY TIER field contains a number then it is assumed the product has tiered pricing therefore the ABSTRACT PRODUCT ID is used to find the other tiers related to that product.

MAXIMUM ORDER QUANTITY should be blank unless another tier is above it.

Rollbacks Table Update

  • if now price is less than was price (EDLP) then display Rollback
  • if now price equals was price (EDLP) then do not display Rollback
  • if was price (EDLP) is blank set was price (EDLP) to equal now price
  • if was price (EDLP) is less than now price set was price (EDLP) to equal now price as the item is coming off rollback to a higher than previous was price (EDLP)

Delivery Options

For each product with upc in feed check the csv ship_methods field

  • if delivery option is available on item but not present in field notify in report do not remove
  • if delivery option is unavailable on item but present in field notify in report

SKU Change

For each product with upc in feed check the SUPPLIER SKU field if supplier is FUJI and the current SUPPLIER SKU contains PRGift; then check the incoming SUPPLIER SKU for PRGift; and reject if it does not contain*

Extra Pages Lookup

GEC SKU is used to add extra pages in combination with PHOTO ACCESSORY ITEM SKU PHOTO ACCESSORY ITEM SKU attached to the book UPC is looked up in extra page index which searches for the same ID in GEC SKU for the additional page UPC.


For each product with upc in feed check the DESCRIPTION field if description is different to current description update the product data with the new description and notify via the report